Land registry

Future of land management .

Our digital platform integrates seamlessly with our Document Management System (DMS) and includes advanced workflows that transforms traditional land registry functions.

With our solution, both citizens and professionals can access, add, and verify property certificates with unprecedented ease and accuracy.

key features

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Real-Time Tax Collection

Implement efficient, real-time tax collection mechanisms.

Dispute Tracking & Resolution

Manage and resolve disputes with effective tracking systems.

Notary Services

Integrated notary services for all registry transactions.

GIS Map Functionality

Utilize cutting-edge GIS technology for detailed and accurate cadastral mapping.

Online Payments

Facilitate easy and secure online payment options for registry services.

user access level

Citizens & Businesses

Mobile and web portals for easy access to land registry services.


Dedicated web portals to manage and update land registry details on behalf of property owners.

Government Entities

Comprehensive web portals for government officials to oversee all registry operations.

you can trust

Blockchain Technology

Ensures the integrity and security of all transactions within the registry.

AI Audit Capabilities

Leverage AI technology to audit and optimize registry operations.

Digital Identity Integration

Streamline processes with eKYC integration for enhanced security and user verification.

for every stakeholder

Interoperability with Financial Institutions

Seamless integration with banks and insurance companies through API access.

Centralized Payment Gateway

Simplify transactions with a centralized, digital payment system.

solution components

architecture framework

key characteristics

Real-time updates

All users operate through the system


Track changes

Usage patterns

Property values per area/region

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