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Innovative digital solutions for government agencies and corporations. Experience digital transformation through the safety and power of the blockchain.

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We deliver comprehensive digital and hardware solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. Our technology suite supports public services, strengthens governments and enterprises, manages financial flows, and ensures that everyone, from citizens to key decision makers, thrives in the digital era.

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our mission

To provide innovative technology solutions that ensure universal access and drive digitalization, fostering seamless connections and collaboration for people, businesses, and governments.

our vision

To create a world where technology fuels growth, welfare, inclusivity, and transparency, ensuring effortless interactions and trust among citizens, governments, and enterprises.

oxgov solutions

Complete solutions focused on overcoming the central challenges of today’s dynamic landscape.

Integrity Chain
Product digital integrity chain

Enhance product monitoring with Digital Integrity Chain. Track journeys, optimize revenue, ensure compliance with User Apps, blockchain, and AI insights. Revolutionize tracking for reliability.

Land registry

Digitize land management with our Land Registry platform. Streamline property transactions and dispute resolution through a digital portal. Integrate with banks and insurance providers to enhance transparency and reduce fraud. Ensure efficient management with secure, API-enabled services that support economic development.

Mineral management platform

Oxinus MMP ensures mineral traceability and efficiency. Use blockchain, Bluetooth for secure transactions. Benefit from security, tax efficiency, dynamic pricing. Empower miners with real-time pricing, traceability. Drive adoption through collaboration, training, monitoring.

Revenue optimisation platform

Maximize tax compliance and revenue with our white-label Government POS. Streamline sales, payments, and compliance with real-time insights. Empower all-sized businesses with efficient e-invoicing and fortified finances.

Digital products

Powerful results with ready to use digital products. Offering seamless cross integrations for streamlined operations.

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Digital Pass & Identity

Provide citizens with a trusted & portable  identity for accessing  government services, banking and  more.This solution simplifies interactions, enhances security, and fosters inclusivity across digital platforms.

Digital Onboarding

Simplifies & secures user registration by seamlessly integrating biometric verification, eSignatures, and online application processes.Our system ensures rigorous document validation, minimizing errors and manual checks, ideal for fintech and government application. Additionally, our e-invoicing connects businesses directly to government systems with secure, blockchain protected transactions.

Govt Super App

Using this white label product, transform how your government connects with citizens. Consolidate all government services into a single digital interface, enabling complete online management of tasks like onboarding and payments. It includes a government digital wallet for issuing refunds and managing tax transactions. Essential features enhance user experience and operational efficiency, including Single Sign On, secure data handling, accessibility, real-time notifications, and tools to track reimbursements and reconciliations.


Enable businesses to process transactions, manage sales and inventory, and accept any payment method with our system. It features real-time VAT splitting, blockchain-based e-Invoicing for reduced fraud and improved VAT compliance, and cryptographically secure invoices for robust offline security. Enhanced with AI for revenue protection and multiple tax support, our EPOS grants governments a 'god’s eye view' on revenue and resources.

Document Mngt Solution

Easily capture, store, manage, process, share and track documents digitally with controlled access. Powered with Cloud, it ensures cost savings and robust disaster recovery. Seamlessly integrate other APIs to enable quick sharing of data and information.Leveraging blockchain technology, it ensures data integrity by preventing tampering & best in class security. Restrict unauthorized viewing of confidential documents and develop guidelines to protect citizens' privacy.


The E-Visa platform streamlines the visa application and review process through a secure, user-friendly digital interface that integrates seamlessly with government systems. Our platform enhances the efficiency and transparency of visa processing by offering a comprehensive digital solution for applicants and government officials alike.

Govt Wallet

The Government Wallet is a digital platform designed to streamline the management and distribution of social benefits. It provides a secure and user-friendly interface for both digital document storage and digital fund management.

E- invoicing

The E-Invoicing platform simplifies billing and invoicing by providing a secure, user-friendly digital interface that integrates seamlessly with government and business systems.Our platform enhances the efficiency and transparency of financial transactions by offering a comprehensive digital solution for businesses and government agencies.

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We offer the latest innovations to enhance government operations.

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Our solutions are crafted to meet the unique needs of government agencies.

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We’re dedicated to delivering high quality, reliable digital services to government agencies.

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Trusted by governments for impactful digital transformations.

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